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  • Tusida says:
    Slug definition is - sluggard. 3: any of numerous chiefly terrestrial pulmonate gastropods (order Stylommatophora) that are found in most parts of the world where there is a reasonable supply of moisture and are closely related to the land snails but are long and wormlike and have only a rudimentary shell often buried in the mantle or entirely absent.
  • Nishura says:
    slug: the garden pest Agriolimax meticulatus ; may attract snail poison to a hitherto carefree garden and lead to metaldehyde poisoning in companion animals and .
  • Mukazahn says:
    Slug definition, any of various snaillike terrestrial gastropods having no shell or only a rudimentary one, feeding on plants and a pest of leafy garden crops. See more.
  • Shakataxe says:
    The slug is a unit of mass associated with British Imperial or United States customary units. It is a mass that accelerates by 1 ft/s2 when a force of one pound-force (lbF) is exerted on it. $ 1\\,\\text{slug} =1\\,\\frac{\\text{lb}_F\\cdot\\text{s}^2}{\\text{ft}} \\qquad\\Longleftrightarrow\\qquad 1\\,\\text{lb}_F = 1\\,\\frac{\\text{slug}\\cdot\\text{ft}}{\\text{s}^2} $ With standard.
  • Dull says:
    May 19,  · Attracting slug predators to your garden can help you control the slug population. Toads, snakes, ducks, chickens and raccoons are some of the most common predators of slugs. Your best bet for healthy slug control, however, will be to attract toads and non-poisonous snakes to your garden.
  • Gull says:
    Always in the forefront of deer slug technology, we redesigned our gauge Slugger Rifled Slug for a 25% improvement in accuracy. Also, at fps muzzle velocity, our 3" ga. Magnum slugs shoot.
  • Tejind says:
    To compare prices of multiple books at the same time, just enter a list of ISBNs separated by commas or spaces. For example, searching for ",," will return a price comparison for all three books.
  • Faegrel says:
    slug definition: 1. a small, usually black or brown creature with a long, soft body and no arms or legs, like a. Learn more.

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